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Sign to one of our many tree plantings or stream side cleanups.  Join our mailing list to learn more.


As a nonprofit, our organization relies on grants and donations to function.   Checks payable to Chiques Creek Watershed Alliance.  Please mail to Jennifer Tulonen

Planner | Penn Township, Lancaster County, 97 N. Penryn Road | Manheim, PA 17545.

Monthly Meeting

We meet the first Wednesday of the month, at 6:00 p.m. at the Penn Township Municipal Building, 97 North Penryn Road, Manheim. Email reminders are sent before each meeting.

Annual Events

Watershed Expo first Wednesday of June.  Creek Stomp in August.  And more...what"s happening soon?


Look for our geocache - go to  GC448CP

Become A Member

Membership dues are $10 per year for individuals, and $100 per year for business organization.  Help us keep our watershed healthy!

At Home

  • Landscape your yard with native plants that require less water and fertilizer and provide food and shelter for wildlife.

  • Use only organic fertilizers and pesticides in the amount that lawns and plants need.

  • Minimize the use of lawn areas and impervious surfaces in your landscape.

  • Install a rain garden or rain barrel at your home.

On the Farm

  • Leave crop residues on the fields to reduce soil runoff and prevent sediment, fertilizers and pesticides from entering streams.

  • Practice proper barnyard management.

  • Install fencing and stabilized crossings to control stream access of grazing animals.

In Your Community

  • Think and act as stewards of the watershed. It is a direct way to recognize the relationships and interdependence between ourselves and the water and land we depend on: Educate yourself and others about becoming stewards of your watershed.

  • Protect wetlands that serve as natural buffers against pollution, soil erosion and flooding.

  • Join and become active in your watershed alliance through various volunteer opportunities.

Clean water is a priority for partners across all of Lancaster County, especially since over half of our streams and much of our groundwater are unhealthy. A collaborative group of partners are ready to work across the landscape on restoration projects in priority places that make sense and make a difference in our water quality. This fund will enable local partners to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of those projects using technology, cultural sensitivity, and science-based practices that will get our streams to clean and clear in a generation. 

This fund offers two grant opportunities for municipalities and nonprofits. Both grant opportunities require 1:1 matching funds. Please see the information sheet below for more details.

Community Conservation Grants of $2,500 – $5,000 are intended to stimulate smaller, implementable projects that are lead by locally based conservation organizations, municipalities and community groups.


Learn more and apply

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Learn More

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Clean Water Fund

Creek Stomp

Thank you for participating!

We discovered the life within our backyard streams and creeks. We learned how the fish and insects within a waterway can indicate the overall health of the creek. Let's keep exploring our watershed throughout the year!


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